About Us

We are a center specialized in restoring the physical and mental health of our patients through therapies which act on the muscular and nervous system, with the aim to reduce the levels of stress, thus giving a better quality of life.

We know that today’s competitive and demanding world subjects persons to permanent states of tension producing disorders and unbalances in the physical, mental and emotional state. Biorelax is a center that has the capacity, through our professionals, to help prevent, relieve and control ailments or discomforts customers may have, covering their physical, mental and energetic part.

In our center, you will find an ideal environment of peace and relaxation specially designed for you. Our therapies are customized and effective, looking for satisfaction of each patient. We are a new alternative that will help you to deal with stress, sleep deprivation, fatigue, muscle pain, and headache you may have, thus enhancing your activities of daily life so that you may have a balanced and harmonious rhythm of life.


To provide well-being and health to our customers through our alternative and complementary therapies.

To provide excellent customer care with good quality products but especially with professionalism to achieve relaxation, pain relief, harmony, satisfaction, peace and vitality.


To position ourselves as one of the most important massage centers recognized worldwide.

To become leaders and innovators of new trends in massage therapy.

To be a unique place where our customers may really disconnect from the outside world and recharge energies.

To obtain the gratitude of all the persons to whom we render services.